10 Mile Race Training Week 5 The Last Week

I only have three short training sessions before the race, a hard week last week a nice easy one this week.


Only a 9 minute run this morning I have to run in short bursts of 45 seconds fast and 45 seconds slow.

After the 3rd sprint the 45 seconds seemed to get longer and harder, I enjoyed it though and might give it another go after this week as part of my weekly training.

I don’t feel like I have done anything today but it is all part of the training programme and I am sure the people who created it know what they are doing.

Total time 9.38 distance 1.1 miles
Split time 9.28


Strength and Conditioning exercises today, some new ones, I would like to know who thought some of these up Spiderman was one, you crawl on your hands and feet using opposite hand and foot.

The one I find tough is the squat jumps if I was still in my 20’s or 30’s even 40’s I don’t think they would be so tough, but crouching down and spring forwards at 65 is tough.


Tempo run split into 10 minutes at a fast pace and 5 minutes recovery and repeated once more.

I ran this at the pace I would like to run the race on Sunday, but I don’t think I could keep this pace up for ten miles, so I think I am going to have to hold myself back a bit.

Total time 31.26 distance 3 miles
Split times
1st 9.55
2nd 10.10
3rd 10.50

As you can see from the split times I went out too fast on the first 10 minutes. The pace I would like to achieve is that of the third mile.


This is a repeat of Tuesday’s exercises.


A 20 minute brisk walk and that’s it for today no running now till Sunday.

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