10K Race Training Week 4

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Endurance run today distance covered 4.6 miles, time 55 minutes.

My legs felt like lumps of lead again this morning, I don’t know if it is because I go up The Walk early in the run, I am sure it can only be strengthening my legs and in time I will not feel it.

I have not been keen on the idea of running in the rain, when I set off this morning there was a bit of drizzle and I thought it might have got heavier as I got further into the run, lucky for me it did not put down a lot of rain till I got back in the house.

Today’s run was a 4.5 mile run, working the miles out are easy the app does that for you and gives you a verbal warning when you have completed each mile, the only way I can get information about the half mile is to look at my phone.

The only problem with that is I have to take it out of the magnetic pocket I wear while running, I can only get my phone in the pocket if I take it out of the case I have for it, so it is not protected when take it out to have a look.

Anyway, I managed to run the full distance despite of my legs feeling a bit heavy.

Timings by Mile
1st 11.53
2nd 11.37
3rd 11.43
4th 11.53

Active rest day I did a nice steady 50 minutes on a bike at the gym, I had to walk round the gym for a while to ease the saddle soreness.

One thing about this week my legs did not feel as bad as they did last week, they still took a little while to loosen up when I started walking.

Once that was sorted I did my abs exercises then front and side planks to strengthen my core.

I must remember to take my headphones next time I do this I will be able to watch TV, it will have to be one of the kids programmes though, I couldn’t listen to the news for 50 minutes talk about getting brain washed.

Tempo run with James today, time taken 20:08 distance covered 1.91 the average pace was 10.32 per mile.

James has advised me to cut back on my training, I am currently doing 2 long runs a week and 2 tempo runs with a cross training day then 2 resistance sessions in the afternoon.

He has suggested that I only do 5 sessions a week, that would be a distance run 2 tempo runs a cross training day and 1 resistance session, being as I am paying him for his advice I think I would be wise to follow it.

You know I have mentioned not wanting to run in the rain, I thought today was going to be the day I would have to, it started to put a bit down just before we started, but we managed to get round before it really started to come down.

1st mile 10.36
0.91 10.30

Today should have been a cross training day but I did resistance training, I suppose I should have looked at my programme before going to the gym.

I think I did the training the correct way, I remember reading that you should work on the big muscles first, so I did chest first then my back and arms last then finished off with abs and core exercises.

It’s the first time I have done resistance training in the morning I have been doing it in the afternoon and having my evening meal afterwards, when I have done it this way I don’t normally feel hungry but even after having my breakfast which is normally my biggest meal of the day calorie wise, I felt hungry after a short period and it lasted all day, even though I had some snacks in between meals I tried to keep these healthy but could not resist the custard creams.

I’m not hungry as I type this though I have had my favourite meal tonight bacon, egg and tomatoes. Just in case you think I should not be eating this because it will not do me any good, when I started my get fit campaign I weighed 86.5kg (13st 6lb), I now weigh 80.6kg (12st 7lb).

Fantastic day for the Barnsley Parkrun I left my running jacket back in the car it was that warm, there were 232 runners today from all age groups, and it was great to see the children joining the parents for a run, there was a group of youths in their early teens they all looked to be having fun.

I am getting better the third lap was once again the hardest, I did the run as a tempo run I think I managed to do it right, my breathing in places was a bit heavy but not over what my instructor calls an 8 not as you would suspect on the hills but on the approach to the hills.

I was using the hills to recover my breath and on the flat, I seem to be recovering better which is a good sign.

I finished at position 182 and my time this week was 35.27.

Timings by the mile
1st 10.28
2nd 11.00
3rd 11.15

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