10k Race Training Week 5

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Week 5 starts with a 5-mile run, I set off too fast and I knew all about it from the second mile, it’s just as well it is flat on Portobello prom the only slope is at either end but nothing compared to the hills in Locke Park.

I ran towards Leith initially and turned around when the footpath joined the main road and then ran back towards Musselburgh, I thought I had judged the distance correctly so that I would finish outside the swimming pool but I was about half a mile short.

I didn’t want to run past the pool so I ran round the side streets. The pool has been handy for getting changed they only charge for the use of the showers.

My Times for each mile.
1st 10.32
2nd 11.14
3rd 11.24
4th 11.35
5th 11.17

Got it right this morning did the resistance training, there is a lot more equipment at the Portobello swimming pool, so I was able to do most of the exercises, the was only one I couldn’t do was the seated rows.

The weights on the machines go up in different increments from the ones at my regular gym, so I just recorded the numbers of reps I did and tried to get the weight as close as I could to that at my normal gym.

Tempo run this morning and I managed to keep my breathing between 8 and 9, keeping my breath at the right level is easier than the running itself.

The run itself was only was just over 2 miles and took 21 minutes to complete.

My Times for each mile
1st 10.11
2nd 10.12

Steady cardio at the gym today, I did 50 minutes on the cross-trainer I must be getting fitter because I managed to keep within my desired heart rate at level 14, doing between 70 and 80 cycles per minute.

When I have done this in the past I have had to keep the speed between 60 and 70 cycles to maintain my desired heart rate.

When I got up this morning the weather did not look too good, when I checked the weather forecast it said it was going to rain, I was toying with the idea of going to the gym and doing a tempo run on the treadmill.

But the boss reminded me that if it rains in Blackpool I will have to run, so I went to do the Parkrun instead.

Once again the last lap took its toll, my breathing was very close to a 10 this is the level where you would find it difficult to talk, I slowed my pace right down to try and make the breathing easier but I was determined not to walk.

When you are fresh it’s very easy to go out fast on the first lap, when trying to control your breathing it takes a while to get to an 8, I didn’t really feel I had to an 8 till the second lap.

My Times for each mile.
1st 10.34
2nd 10.55
3rd 11.41

Parkrun result new PB 35.16, 202 out of 220.

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