10K Race Training Week 6

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I am really pleased with myself the route I took involved running downhill for 1.4 I then ran along the disused rail track till I reached the 3 mile mark, I then reversed the route coming back up the hill really slowed me down but I managed to run all the way back up it.

The reason I am so please with myself is the last time I tried to run up this hill I only manage a 100 yard (if that) before I had to walk and walked most of the way.

I knew coming back up the hill was going to be hard, I managed to keep myself at a nice stead pace so that I had enough left to make it to the top. I was surprised by my breathing it was not laboured till I was about half way up the hill.

I managed to put a sprint in coming past the cue at the bus stop, just a bit of showmanship.

My Times for each mile.
1st 10.06
2nd 10.53
3rd 11.32
4th 11.18
5th 11.33
6th 12.07

Visit to the gym and did my resistance work, I put some extra weight on today just to see how much difference it makes, I have been taking pictures every three months since I started exercising, there is a bit of a difference but it does not seem to be happening as fast as I would like.

With the extra weight I was not able to do as many reps, I am not sure if doing less reps with heavier weights or doing the required amount of reps at a lower weight is going to get me the required results.

I don’t want massive muscles I just want to look as though I have some

Tempo run with James today, this run was just short of 2.5 miles. It was fairly flat to start with the second half was up some hills the first one being the longest and the steepest we finished up on top what was the muck stack from the pit that used to be there.

We had a nice view of Barnsley from there.

I managed to keep my breathing around an 8 but on the last hill it was going over a 9, this needed a slight alteration to the pace and I felt alright, it was a good run and I felt great afterwards

My Times for each mile
1st 10.35
2nd 11.49

At the advice of James I did my cardio on different machines, I did 10 minutes on the rowing machine, 10 minutes on the cross-trainer, 10 minutes on a bike and 10 minutes on the treadmill.

I have for a long time avoided going on a rowing machine, I had a trainer push me to hard on one and I could hardly breath, I had the machine set a level 5 in the middle and found it alright but as I have lost a bit of fat round the backside the seat felt a bit uncomfortable towards the end.

Up early this morning so I decided to have my breakfast, my previous runs have been done on an empty stomach I wondered if I would be OK. The run went well I managed to keep my breath at 8 except the last little hill I went up to a 9, I can’t say I notice any difference in my performance with food in my stomach.

I tried not to think about the hills so I concentrated on my breathing to take my mind off them, it seemed to work so I know what to do the next time. I have not got my mile times this week I started the Map My Run app as I was walking to the start, I paused it and did not realise it was still clocking up the distance I had walked.

I came 177 out of 212 and a new PB of 35.01

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