10K Race Training Week 7

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I did the same run as last Monday with very different results, I felt good when I set off and still felt alright at the turn around point. I don’t know if this had an effect on my performance but I had a sudden urge to go to the loo and it stayed with me till I got home.

When comparing my times with last weeks, it looks like the loo factor did make a difference to my run.

The run up the hill was a lot harder this week my calf muscles started to stiffen and at one point I thought about walking, I started thinking I ran it last week so I can do it again and this kept me going.

My Times for each mile
1st 10.21
2nd 10.47
3rd 11.56
4th 11.26
5th 12.04
5th 13.02

Resistant training today, there are 11 exercises all on the upper body and takes it just over an hour.

The exercises are for the chest, delts, triceps, back and biceps I have 6 exercises for each that I rotate doing 2 from each group per session, for my forearms I only have 2 and I do 1 each session.

I have to adapt some of the exercise as they don’t have a full range of equipment.

The one thing I like about the gym I go to it’s not busy and you can get on the equipment when you want to.

Tempo run today this I did on my own this morning, the wind did not help much it was quite strong and in the exposed areas on the route you could really feel it, the first part of the route I took was fairly flat as you can see from my times below.

Once I hit the hills on the second half I had to slow it down to keep my breathing around an 8.

My Times for each mile
1st 10.18
2nd 11.07

Steady cardio, I did 5 minutes on the rower then 10 minutes on the cross-trainer then 10 minutes on a bike and finished off with a very slow run on the treadmill.

The reason for the slow run so that I did not aggravate the soreness in my calf muscle.

As you may have seen further up this post I have been having problems with the calf muscle on my right leg, I had a visit to a physiotherapist on Thursday I can’t remember being in so much pain and I was paying for it, she advised me not to take part in the parkrun and with only 8 days to the 10K at Blackpool I took her advice.

She suggested a run on a route as flat as I could get it and that is what I have done today. I only ran for 2 miles the first was done with my breathing at a 5, I felt alright after the first mile so I took my breathing up to an 8 and held it at this for the second half of my run.

As I could not take part in the parkrun today I volunteered as a martial, parkruns are free and anyone can take part you don’t have to run all the way you can run a little walk a little.

My Times for each mile
1st 11.29
2nd 10.35

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