Barnsley Parkrun Saturday 21 Oct 17

I found today’s run tough, I don’t know why but when speaking to people they say that’s how it is every run different.

I normally pick someone and let them pace me, but I could not pick anyone out who seemed to be doing the right pace.

There was a lot of people running past me, and then walking and coming past me at again, and I began to think why can’t they just pace themselves so they can run the full distance like me.

I think I must be getting to be a bit of a busy body, I find myself wanting to tell people how to do it, it’s the same when I am at the gym and I see someone doing an exercise the wrong way I want to tell them.

But I think there is someone in attendance at the gym (with qualifications) they should be the one telling them, it could prevent that person doing them self an injury.

Back to the run, once I got into my breathing pattern in sync I was alright, I think I might start at the back of the field and see what happens.

I am sure it will only cost me a few seconds and might set me up to do the second and third laps faster.

Timings from Strava
Distance 3.1 miles, time taken 33.32, average pace 10.41
Split times
1st 10.36
2nd 11.05
3rd 10.47

The official Parkrun time 33.33

Parkrun site
Barnsley Harriers

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