Club Run Monday 16 Oct 17

I decided to go out with the next group up and see how it goes.

The outward part of the route was downhill, and I was going all right till we got to the uphill part of the route, this is where I started going backwards.

Part of the route had no lighting on it , if that was not bad enough it is used as a shortcut by a lot of drivers, and they drive like their on a race track.

I was not going to take my running jacket but I am glad I did, where it was sheltered it felt quite warm, but once you got out in the open the wind went straight through my jacket.

The distance covered was 5 miles, time 55.21, average pace 10.58
Split Times
1st 10.28
2nd 10.14
3rd 11.24
4th 11.36
5th 11.00

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