Half Marathon Training Week 1

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Monday 19/06/17

This morning I created a new plan to get me ready for the Scottish half marathon.

I plan to include resistance training this will mean 2 days in the gym and 4 days running, I have decided my gym days will be on Monday and Thursday and running Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Parkrun.

Monday’s workouts will be on Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Calves and Abs. Thursday will be Back, Quads, Biceps, Hamstrings and Abs.


A 36 minute steady run, this was broken down into 10 minutes running and 2 minutes walking, I actually ran on longer because I did not hear the timer on my phone.

Total time 39.44 distance 3.4 miles
Split times
1st 11.14
2nd 11.24
3rd 11.03

I tried a different route today it took me off road for a short period of time, it was enjoyable running through the trees and bushes, but I had to take care as the surface was very uneven the track had been used by motorbikes and people on horseback.

I can’t believe how much my arm and chest muscles a aching from yesterdays visit to the gym.


Hill runs, my task for today was to run uphill for 3 minutes and do this 4 times.

I did this at Locke Park the first route I picked was a little bit short of 3 minutes and so was the second route.

My third route was bang on 3 minutes and it included the steepest part of the Parkrun route, as you can imagine the last time was the hardest, I will be doing this again next week so now I know the 3 minutes route.

Total time 22.48 distance 2 miles
Split times
1st 11.05
2nd 11.28


Gym day I felt as if I had over done it this morning but felt much better after eating breakfast.

I am just hoping that the work I have done today on my legs will not affect my running tomorrow and Saturday, otherwise I might have to rethink my resistance training.


Today’s run was speed training for 20 minutes.

The plan was to run at a fast pace and increase the speed for short intervals, I started with 1 minutes intervals and then did a couple of 2 minute intervals and back to 1 minute.

The last interval was uphill and it really took it out of my legs so I ran the last 4 minutes at a steady pace.

Total time 21.48 distance 2 miles.
Split times
1st 9.47
2nd 11.28

My legs felt fine after the run but as the day has gone on they have got stiffer and stiffer.


I am a bit annoyed with myself today, I messed up when going into edit today’s run and deleted it in error so I don’t have my split times for today.

It was the Parkrun so the distance will be 3.1 miles.
My time was 33.35 this is the official Parkrun time.

I am pleased with this time, the way my legs felt this morning I did not think I would be able to run all the 3 laps, but I did and managed to increase the pace on the flat at the top of the last hill.

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