Half Marathon Training Week 10

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Week commencing 21/08/17


The first run of the week was a tempo run consisting of 3×12 minute intervals at fast pace and 3×3 minute intervals at a slower pace.

This week I ran on the flattest route I could find as instructed in the training plan, I felt good on the run I noticed I was heal striking as I was getting tired, so I focused my attention on how I was landing.

Target time 45 minutes actual time 46.33
Target distance 3.99 miles actual distance 4.41
Target average pace 11.16 actual 10.30

Split times
1st 10.05
2nd 10.57
3rd 10.38
4th 9.53


Travelling to Edinburgh today so no club run I went for a steady run before setting off.

Total distance 3 mile, total time 34.01 minutes, average pace 11.12

Split times
1st 11.15
2nd 11.09
3rd 11.01

My legs felt a bit heavy on the run this morning, could be from yesterdays faster run.


I had no intention of running at a fast pace today and I would have thought I would have found it easier but no, I seemed to struggle on the second and last lap and felt like I was going to get stomach pains on the third lap.

I normally like to put a sprint in for the finish line but did not have enough energy left.

Target time 30.04 actual 33.50
Target distance 3.01 actual 3.01
Target pace 9.40 actual 10.40

Split times
1st 10.35
2nd 10.46
3rd 10.58

Official time 33.50 can’t believe Strava exact same time


Long run day, my legs felt really heavy on this run, the route I chose was mostly downhill for the first mile and a half and I set a nice pace for the first mile as you’d expect on the easy part of the run.

I would have liked to have kept to that pace for the whole run.

The run was split into 8 minutes running with 2 minutes walking, when I first read this in the plan I felt a bit disappointed because I expected to be running the full distance at this stage of the training plan.

I have got to say that on the return section I was glad of the walking intervals, especially coming back up the hill.

Target time 85 minutes actual 86
Target distance 6.61 miles actual 7.54
Target average pace 12.51 actual 11.24

Split times
1st 10.57
2nd 11.31
3rd 11.45
4th 11.03
5th 10.44
6th 11.14
7th 12.55

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