Half Marathon Training Week 11

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Week Commencing 28/08/17


Speed run consisting of 4×5 minute intervals with a 2 minute recovery in between.

I set of at a good pace, and I thought I might be able to keep it going for all 4 intervals, but as you can see from the split times I was not able to do this.

It’s hard to maintain the same pace when there a hills involved perhaps I should have done this on a track, having said that I don’t know if I would be allowed to use the nearest one.

Target time 29 minutes actual 32.43
Target distance 2.67 miles actual 2.99
Target average pace 10.45 actual 10.55

Split times
1st 9.58
2nd 10.41


Tonight’s club run was hill training.

It was another session that I really enjoyed I felt good during the whole run, I was strong on the hill climbs and thought it would be good if I could do the Parkrun hills at the same pace.

Total distance 4.3 miles, time 48 minutes, average pace 11.01

Split times
1st 11.33
2nd 10.12
3rd 10.28
4th 11.39


I went to the Parkrun today with the intention of running steady as I have a 105 minute run tomorrow and I did not want to overdo it today and spoil it for tomorrows run.

I had a good run and felt good all the way round, I thought my split times for the first 2 laps was close to 11 minutes and on the last lap I decided to increase the pace.

Looking at the split times I did better than I thought.

Target time 30.01 minutes actual 32.10
Target distance 3.1 miles actual 3.1
Target average pace 9.39 actual 10.13

Split times
1st 10.22
2nd 10.41
3rd 10.02


I was going to do today’s long run on the Pennine trail but decided to run from home and pick my route as I ran, the hardest part about this was picking a route that did not have me running in circles.

The route took me to Tankersley, Hoyland Common, Hoyland, Jump, Platts Common, Blackerhill through the woods to Worsbourgh Village and back into Birdwell.

I took a wrong turn at one point it was down a quite steep hill, and it turned out to be a dead end so I had to run back up the hill.

I felt good on the run, I think this could be down to not pushing it yesterday.

Target time 105 minutes actual 106.08
Target distance 8.18 miles actual 9.53
Target average pace 12.50 mins/mile actual 11.08

Split times
1st 11.01
2nd 10.55
3rd 11.06
4th 10.17
5th 11.28
6th 11.46
7th 11.01
8th 11.17
9th 11.20

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