Half Marathon Training Week 12

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Week commencing 04/09/06


When I started to run I dreaded running in the rain and I was quite fortunate that it has not rained much on the days I have ran, it started to rain shortly after I started my run this morning.

I had my shower proof jacket on, the only thing is it makes you sweat more, so by the time I got home the jacket was as wet on the inside as it was on the outside.

I have found that I don’t really mind running in the rain, but I think I should wear contacts you can’t see a lot when your glasses when they get wet.

It was a tempo run this morning, running for 5 minutes at speed with 2 minute recoveries in-between.

Target time 20 minutes actual 21.03
Target distance 1.86 miles actual 2.07
Target average pace 10.44 miles actual 10.11

Split times
1st 9.50
2nd 10.06


There was only a small group at the running club and we were evenly matched pace wise so it was a nice steady run, only the occasional stop to cross the road this is something you can avoid when running in the morning.

Total time 45 minutes, distance 3.7 miles, average pace 12.06

Split times
1st 12.06
2nd 11.54
3rd 12.11


I had a good run at todays Parkrun, I did not get a new PB but I felt good all the way round, like last week I did not want to over do it a spoil things for my Sunday run.

Target time 29.59 minutes actual 32.38
Target distance 3.1 miles actual 3.1
Target average pace 9.39 actual 10.24

Split times

1st 10.42
2nd 10.28
3rd 10.29

The official time 32.47


I could not have picked a harder route than I did this week.

Since Thursday I have been drinking energy drinks that are designed to help you build your carbohydrate levels and to be honest I did not really feel any better on this run than any other.

I ask myself is it down to the route I took or are these products not as good as they say they are.

The start of the run was the easy part as it was down hill, I followed the Pennine trail towards Wombwell part of it was paved but the majority was a muddy path, I found this section difficult as I was slipping a lot and was afraid of doing myself an injury.

I was glad to get back on the road at Wombwell, I was still keeping a good time then I came to Hough Lane the first of the hills not the hardest of hills but I could feel it.

Next came Wood Walk there not much of a break between Hough Lane and Wood walk the worst is it gets steeper as you get near the top.

It levelled off for a while the next hill was Hawshaw Lane another hill that gets steeper as you get to the top, that hill took so much out of me that it was quite painful on the downhill part of that road.

I was glad when I had got all the hills out of the way but it had taken it out of me and I found it a bit painful running between Hoyland Common and Home, after this experience I am sure I will be able to run the full distance at the half marathon.

Target time 115 minutes actual 117.36
Target distance 8.97 miles actual 10.35
Target average pace 12.49 actual 11.21

Split times
1st 9.56
2nd 10.25
3rd 10.20
4th 10.32
5th 11.20
6th 11.41
7th 12.33
8th 12.18
9th 12.18
10th 11.48

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