Half Marathon Training Week 13

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Week commencing 11/09/06


Today was the start of our holiday so there was no run today, instead we spent it hanging around airports and sitting on transfer buses

Part of the running route


Sundays run took a lot out of me, and fortunately todays run was a short speed training session, the resort were we stayed was close to sea level so I could do this run on the flat.

I got up around 7 for this so that I could get it done before the sun got too hot, I could not believe it was still dark, so I did quite a long warm-up while waiting for it to get light enough to run.

I am pleased with my efforts and came close to the plan timings.

Target time 12 minutes actual 13.27
Target distance 1.12 actual 1.27
Target average pace 10.43 actual 10.33

My time for the mile was 9.23


This was a steady run it was a lot warmer on this run and it took quite a while for me to stop sweating afterwards.

To stretch this run out I had to take on some of the hills but still managed to do most of the run on the flat.

Target time 45 minutes actual 47.14
Target distance 3.51 actual 4.06
Target average pace 12.48 actual 11.38

Split time
1st 10.56
2nd 11.30
3rd 11.31
4th 12.00

I now only have a week to go before the race and as you get closer you put in less miles and start to build your carbohydrate levels.

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