Half Marathon Training Week 14 The Final Week

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Week commencing 18/09/06


A tempo run consisting of 2×10 minutes fast pace, and 2×5 minutes recovery.

As usual I tried to keep this as flat as I could, I was going to go round the housing estate for the last 8 minutes or so, but I decided to finish off running down hill to make it nice and easy.

Target time 30 minutes actual 31.01
Target distance 2.67 actual 3.11
Target average pace 11.13 actual 9.58

Split times
1st 9.12
2nd 10.04
3rd 9.56


The last training session, it is a very short session only 9 minutes consisting of 45 second sprinting with 45 second recovery, I was going to change this to Friday but left it as it was such a short session.

Target Time 9 minutes actual 10
Target distance0.84 actual 1.15
Target average pace 10.34 actual 10.34

Split time
1st 8.49

Sunday Race Day

I could see people walking around with coats on while I was waiting to go to the start, I only had on my charity running vest it felt a bit cool as I walked to the car.

But walking from the drop off point to the sports centre were we starting from I felt alright, waiting the 15 minutes for the start it did not feel as cold as I thought it was going to be.

And I did not need the bin bag I had in my pocket.

I wanted to run between 10.30 and 11 minutes per mile so that I could be sure of reaching my target time of 2 hours 15.

When the race started there was a bloke who seemed to be pacing 2 women, so I followed them but after the first 3 miles they seemed to be getting slower so I carried on at my own pace.

It wasn’t long before I found someone else to follow she seemed to be running at the pace I was looking to run at.

At one point she pull away from me and did I think of increasing my pace but there was still a long way to go, I did catch up with her around the 8 mile mark she seemed to be having problems and I ran with her for a while giving her encouragement.

I have Strava set to give me pace reports every half mile, when Strava announced that I was going to be over 11 minutes for the next mile I increased my pace.

But she did not follow me so I left her behind, I managed to get it under 11 minutes but could not keep the pace going.

At the 11th mile I realised that I was not going to hit my target time, but I was determined that I was not going to do a 12 minute mile.

And pushed myself to make sure I did not.

I found that I was hunched up with my head down, this I believe it is not a good position as it could restrict my breathing and I had to consciously make the effort to keep my head up.

When I did the 10 mile race earlier this year in the last 2 miles I felt like I was going backwards with all the people that came past me, in this race it was different I was actually passing people and this seemed to spur me on.

The worst came in the last half mile I started getting a sharp pain in my left calf muscle and was worried that I was not going to make it.

It was a relief when the finish line came into view and I could see the family cheering me on.

I can recommend this race to anyone who is thinking of having a go at a half marathon, a lot of it was downhill and the uphill sections were short and not very steep.

Target time 135.33 actual 144 .42
Target distance 13.11 actual 13.29
Target average pace 10.20 actual 10.53

Split times
1st 10.00 – 2nd 10.43 – 3rd 10.50 – 4th 10.36 – 5th 10.51 – 6th 10.43 – 7th 10.49 – 8th 10.52 – 9th 11.09 – 10th 10.57 – 11th 11.12 – 12th 11.17 – 13th 11.23

The official results
Chip Time 02:24
Gun Time 02.30
Overall position 2158 out of 2597
Category 7 of 9

I have put my name down for the London marathon I have mixed feelings about running this distance.

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