Half Marathon Training Week 3

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Week commencing 03/07/2017

Monday and Thursday are gym days


Steady run for 40 minutes the weather was idea over cast with a very light breeze.

I met up with a friend and we ran along the Pennine Trail, for the most part it was very quiet the only noisy part was when we crossed the motorway, we could hear all the commuters racing off to work, the joys of being retired.

I am getting better at setting off at a slower pace, when I started running the first mile was always the fastest I found it harder towards the end, today I set off steady and picked it up for the last 2 miles.

Total time 40.46 total distance 3.8 miles
Split times
1st 11.20
2nd 10.37
3rd 10.09


A 40 minute speed run with sprint intervals of variable length.

For the first half mile I ran at a faster than normal pace, then started inserting sprints into my run I did 6 of these altogether only 1 of these was done for a full minute and that was on the flat.

I know it was a minute because I had the timer on my phone set to 1 minute intervals t cover the whole run.

I started feeling it in my legs after 2 and a half miles but I manage to keep going and when my timer let me know my time was up I managed to put in another sprint to complete 4 miles.

Total time 41.54 minutes total distance 4 miles
Split times
1st 10.17
2nd 10.04
3rd 10.17
4th 10.43

If I keep this up the 10 minute mile will be my normal pace.


Tempo run the description for this in the plan is to run at 11.31 mins/mile for 8, 6 and 4 minute intervals with a 2 minute recovery in between.

The 11.31 pace was no problem and I should have managed to keep to that pace, but I set off too fast on the first interval and could not maintain this pace in the last 2 intervals.

Total time 26.56 total distance 2.5 miles
Split times
1st 9.07
2nd 10.47

I need to find a way to pace myself.


Parkrun I am glad we had the breeze today it felt quite cold when stood but it was very welcome once we started running.

The fist lap went well but after the second lap my legs started feeling heavy and I thought I was going to struggle up the hills on the third lap.

I managed to keep it going and put in a fast sprint to the finish.

A new personal bet today it new stands at 32.24.

My split times
1st 10.12
2nd 10.35
3rd 10.31

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