Half Marathon Training Week 4

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Week commencing 10/07/17


The first run of the week a 40 minute steady run, as I was a bit late in setting off this morning I had to cut my run short.

There was a bit of light rain, but it did not stop me having a good run, my legs were a bit stiff at first but they soon loosened up.

Total time 37.41 total distance 3.5
Split times
1st 10.55
2nd 10.46
3rd 10.29


A 40 minute run with added intervals, there was no set time between the intervals and they were to range between 20 seconds and 2 minutes.

The weather was totally different to yesterday it was sunny but the breeze cut through you like a knife.

I did 5 intervals of varying length starting with short ones and building up to a 2 minute interval, my legs felt much the same as yesterday for the first mile.

Total Time 40.34 total distance 4 miles
Split times
1st 10.22
2nd 10.24
3rd 10.16
4th 10.26


Tempo run the same as last Friday running at a higher speed than normal for 8, 6 and 4 minutes with a 2 minute jog in between.

This week I did not set off too fast like last week, I still ran at a good pace and after the last interval I found I had enough energy to carry on a while longer.

Total time 27.57 total distance 2.6 miles
Split times
1st 10.00
2nd 10.02

I like it when my split times are close like this.


Parkrun, glad the rain stopped before the run, I had a good run and felt strong on the first 2 laps and managed to pick up the pace on the last lap.

I tried to push myself on the last bit of the hill, I might have over done it because I felt as if I was going to throw up but this soon passed and I manage to put in a sprint for the line.

The time on Strava is 32.07
My split times
1st 10.41
2nd 10.21
3rd 10.06

The official time was 32.06 my new personal best

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