Half Marathon Training Week 6

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Week commencing 24/07/17


Steady run for 45 minutes and for once I did take it steady in fact I feel that I was a bit slow, but I was closer to the times on the plan.

Target time 45 minutes actual 44:43
Target distance 3.46 actual 3.79
Target pace 12:59 per mile actual 11:48 per mile

Split times
1st 12.08
2nd 11.49
3rd 11.36


Tempo run for 26 minutes 2X10 minutes with a 3 minute recovery, I put in a good strong run today I did have to push myself on the second 10 minutes but feel that I put in a good effort.

Target time 26 minutes actual 28 minutes
Target distance 2.28 actual 2.78
Target pace 11.24 actual 10.09

Split times
1st 9.25
2nd 9.57


3×5 minute uphill runs, as you would expect the first was fairly easy but the second was the hardest of the 3.

Could that be down to the electrolyte drink that I took with me, I took it so that I could practise drinking on the run which is something I struggled with earlier this year in the 10 mile race.

Drinking from a bottle is easier than drinking out of a plastic cup.

Target time 30 minutes actual 30.07
Target distance 2.31 miles actual 2.68
Target pace 12.59 actual 11.14

Split times
1st 10.38
2nd 11.37


The Parkrun, they had some pacers on today, I tried to keep up with the 31 minute pacer I could not stick to the pace, he pulled away the second time up the hills or should I say I started going backwards.

I took the drink with me that I had the other day thinking it might help me hit my target time of 30 minutes.

Target time 30.22 minutes actual 32.37
Target distance 3.11 miles actual 3.17
Target pace 9.46 actual 10.18

Split times
1st 9.33
2nd 10.51
3rd 11.02

The official time 32.42

I have got to say I felt a bit disappointed with this time.

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