Half Marathon Training Week 7

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Week commencing 31/07/17


This was a running and walking training today, running for 8 minutes and walking for 2.

I went off road for this run, it was a bit muddy but still enjoyable and good to get away from the traffic.

Target time 55 minutes actual 55.36
Target distance 4.25 actual 4.58
Target pace 12.57 actual 12.08

Split times
1st 12.17
2nd 11.40
3rd 12.06
4th 12.14


Before going out on the run this morning I read the instructions and I still managed to get it wrong, I set my timer and set off, I was to do 2×10 minutes at a fast pace and 2×3 minute at a slower pace and this is what I set my timer up for.

When the timer signalled the end of the run I started walking and got my phone out to check the time on Strava I thought it had ended too soon, I had got it into my head that I was running for 30 minutes, so I carried on running till I had done 30 minutes.

I set my equipment up for the job and did not put any faith into it.

Target time 26 minutes actual 30.44
Target distance 2.29 actual 3.01
Target pace 11.21 actual 10.12

Split times
1st 9.41
2nd 9.57
3rd 10.58


Running at a moderate pace for 25 minutes and adding 4 20 second sprints at random periods.

I had to keep myself in check today I found my breathing was harder than it should have been for a moderate run.

I enjoyed the sprints it made me feel as if I was actually running if you know what I mean.

Target time 25 minutes actual 26.27
Target distance 1.93 actual 2.55
Target pace 12.57 actual 10.21

Split times
1st 10.11
2nd 10.23


There did not seem to be many people at the Parkrun today, but after setting off it took a bit of time before the field got stretched out, running bunched up makes it harder for you to get into your stride.

I keep saying I want to average a 10 minute mile and I am getting closer to it, but it felt like hard work today, I am still quite away from the pace my plan says I should have ran today.

Target time 30.17 actual 32.28
Target distance 3.11 actual 3.18
Target pace 9.44 actual 10.12

Split times
1st 10:14
2nd 10.23
3rd 10.28

These times are from Strava.

The official time is 32.30.

There I was thinking there was not many people there today, but there were over 200 running today which is quite good compared to the last 6 weeks.

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