Half Marathon Training Week 8

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Week Commencing 07/08/17

I joined a running club and last night I was talking to an experienced marathon runner, he has advised me to take more rest days, so I am rethinking my training plan.

Last night I went for a run with the club the distance covered was 4.5 miles, there was quite a bit of walking involved due to the slower runners in the group.


My training run was the same as last week running for 8 minutes and walking for 2 minutes, as it was not fit to go off road I did most of my run round the side streets so that I could hear the timer on my phone.

Even though it was a bit damp this morning I still enjoyed the run.

Target time 55 minutes actual 57.02
Target distance 4.26 miles actual 5.11
Target pace 12.55 actual 11.09

Split times
1st 10.56
2nd 11.29
3rd 11.04
4th 11.23
5th 10.52


A tempo run 10 minutes at a fast pace then 3 minutes recovery.

The route I chose for this was a hard one, the first 10 minutes were mostly on a downward slope but the second 10 minutes was all uphill, I tried to keep the pace going but I was getting slower and slower.

If only it could be all downhill but it doesn’t work that way.

Target time 26 minutes actual 30.10
Target distance 2.29 mile actual 2.73
Target pace 11.20 actual 11.02

Split times
1st 9.09
2nd 10.41


It was a steady run for 25 minutes with 4×20 second sprints add at random.

The run went well and I felt strong so I put the sprint intervals in on uphill parts of the run.

Target time 25 minutes actual 28.33
Target distance 1.93 actual 2.51
Target pace 12.55 actual 11.23

Split times
1st 10.33
2nd 11.11


Parkrun tried to get a PB of 30 minutes Strava says I haven’t done it I will just have to wait till 12 to get the official time.

Today was the first time I got to thinking about how far I had got to go, and had a bad feeling when I got round to the start for the second time I started thinking oh no I’ve got to go round it again.

Target time 30.12 actual 32.10
Target distance 3.11 actual 3.15
Target pace 9.43 actual 10.13

Split times
1st 10.36
2nd 10.09
3rd 10.25

The official time 32.14

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