Longer Runs

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The miles start to increase from today, the run today was 3.5 miles, I tried to map it last night and I thought I had got it right. Today I used the mapmyrun app for the first time I found it really useful I think I should have been using it from the first day.

I had it in my pocket and I could hear it talking, the problem was I couldn’t hear it very clear for the traffic, once I got onto the side roads I could hear it fine it tells you how far you have ran and how long it has taken you.

I took a different route today. In the village where I live there is a long hill, it starts off quite steep and starts to level off near the top it can’t be far off a quarter of a mile long. I expected it to be harder than it was and I got up it fairly quickly.

It took its toll in the last half mile. My legs felt like lead, I tried to put a spurt on and I did manage to increase my speed a little, I am going to make the hill the first part of the route from now on, from what I read it will help me to increase my speed.

I hope when it comes to do the Blackpool run I have enough left to put a spurt on for the crowd at the finish line.

I did find myself thinking about how far I had got to run before I had gone a hundred yards and started to wonder if I could do this, if that’s what I am like on a 3.5 mile run what am I going to be like when I have to run 7 miles in week seven.

While running I got to thinking about my resistance training, I seem to do a lot at the beginning of the week, a run Monday morning the gym in the afternoon, a run Tuesday then strength training in the afternoon, a run Wednesday morning then gym again in the afternoon.

I think I will move one of these sessions to Friday.

Don’t forget I am running to raise money for Bliss.
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