Parkrun Day

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Saturday morning, I could not sleep so I was up at 6:30, it’s parkrun day and I want to try and run around it a bit faster than I have been doing but I am afraid of burning myself out. I have done 4 now last week was the first time I managed to run all three laps.

I can run at 7.5kmh to 8kmh on a treadmill for 40 minutes so why is it I can’t run around Locke park at this rate, I know there are hills but I should be able to go faster than a snail’s pace, today is supposed to be an easy run but today I am going to push myself, I will let you know how I get on.

Back from the Parkrun.

I set off at the pace I wanted to run at on the first lap I was surprised at how quick I had got to the top of the hills, the second lap was quite a different story I managed to run up the hills but it was a struggle, the third lap it was back to the snail’s pace when I got to the hills for the third time I had to walk up the second and third hill.

I have just got to wait for the results to come in now.

Got the results I was 180th out of 202 the 115th mail across the line and 7th in my age group, the numbers just get better and better this means I’ve gone from 180th to 7th and set a new PB into the bargain my time was 36:53.

If I keep this up I’ll be finishing before I’ve started!

Today is the last activity day for this week, that’s 2 weeks training completes. The total distance I ran this week is 12.8 miles, this is the last post I will be making till next Saturday.

Don’t forget I am running to raise money for Bliss.
If you wish to donate please click here, if you can’t give anything then please click on of the share links, this will be a big help THANK YOU.

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