Rest Day

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I could hardly move my legs this morning, they were especially sore in the top half at the back, I put this down to the strengthening exercises I did on Tuesday night. As well as running I am doing resistance training twice a week at the gym.

The strengthening exercises I found on a running site on the internet, so I thought I would give them a go, and see if it helps me with running faster. I was really glad it was a rest day this morning.

This is the routine I did: –

Running on the spot for a count of 60
Butt kicks for a count of 50
Hop for a count of 40, 20 on each leg
Jumping Jacks for a count of 30
High Knees for a count of 20 this is like running on the spot but lifting the knees high
Basketball Jumps 10 times, you crouch down then spring up (my feet barely left the ground)

Then you move onto

Squats 2 x 15
Front Lunges 2 x 15
Side Lunges 2 x 15

Then you repeat the ones at the top

Squats 2 x 15
Front Lunges 2 x 15
Wall Sit for 40 seconds and repeat 3 times
Heel Raises 3 x 10, that’s 10 in each position, feet parallel, pointing out and pointing inn

Repeat the top one’s again

Front Plank for 30 seconds
Side Plank for 30 seconds each side
Bicycle Crunches for a minute (this is a killer)
Bird Dogs hold 12 hold each for 5 seconds
Reverse Crunch for 30 seconds
Superman 5 times holding for 3 seconds
10 Hip Bridges

And for the last time repeat the top exercises.

I got these exercise plan courtesy of

I only hope I am alright for my run tomorrow morning.

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