Rother Valley Parkrun Saturday 14 Oct 17

The run itself went well, but I found it hard to pace myself and thought I had gone off too fast at the beginning I could not get my breathing right, it was not till after the second mile that I got my breathing sorted out and looking at the split time I can see why.

The run took us round a lake and I had picked a spot where I was going to pick up the pace, and I did but it was too soon and I started flagging as I got near the finish line.

From the timings on Stava it looks like I could have a new PB at this distance.

The Distance 3.1 miles, time 30.55, average pace 9.53
Split times
1st 9.50
2nd 10.09
3rd 9.35

Looking at the split times I definitely went off too fast.

The official time is 30.53 which is a new PB.

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