Running Monday 06 Nov 17

Today is the first time I have been out for a run for over 2 weeks, and because of this I did a walk and run.

I had to make an appointment at the doctors for blood tests, so instead of phoning I thought I would go there as part of my walk and run.

I think I might have been a bit ambitious because I set my timer for 5 minutes walking and 10 minutes running, I managed to keep going for the 10 minutes but I felt it a bit in my legs.

So I decided that on the way back home I was going to do 5 – 5, instead 5 – 10 this worked out better.

I did not want to overdo it so I took it nice and steady.

My next run is going to be on Wednesday and I think I will do the 5 – 5 again.

Total distance 5.5 miles, time taken 1 hour 12 minutes, average pace 13.

Split times
1st 12.21
2nd 12.55
3rd 12.17
4th 14.05
5th 12.41

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