Running Monday 11 Dec 17

I had planed on going to the club tonight but it is forecast to be minus two degrees tonight.

So I decided to go on a cross country run, the reason I decided to go off road was because I thought I might slip running round the streets.

I took a route I had not been on before, and I came across a long hill it felt like it was never going to end.

It was a good run and my off road shoes gripped well in the snow, I just had to keep my eyes open to puddles hidden under the snow.

One thing about running in the snow it keeps your running shows clean.

There were one or two areas when I got back on the road where it looked a bit icy, I slowed down and took a little bit of extra care going past these parts.

Since starting running I have tried to push myself and not walk on runs, but the finish of today’s run was up hill and I just had to walk part of it.

It might have been that long hill that took it out of me.

Strava details
Total distance 3.7 miles, time taken 41.54, average pace 11.20

Split times
1st 10.58
2nd 11.07
3rd 11.13

Parkrun site
Barnsley Harriers

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