Running Monday 18 Dec 17

I went out with the intermediate group tonight and I spent the whole run at the back of the group.

I felt like I was holding everyone up, but of course they are too polite to complain.

The first part of the run going away from the club is a long steady climb, then the next part was flat not to bad I did not get too far behind.

Then we came to a crossroad uphill to the left, flat straight on I thought we might be going straight on, but we turned downhill now I don’t mind going downhill.

But I knew that after going down we had a long climb back up, well once we got back up the hill I was told that it would be either flat or downhill the rest of the way back.

We could have gone a route that was flatish but no we had to go up another hill, at the top of that one someone said it’s all downhill from here.

It wasn’t because we found another hill to go up, by the time I got up that I was nearly on my knees but I made it back in one piece.

It was a good run I found the uphill parts difficult, that could be down to my lack of running experience or just that I am an old git.

The Strava details for the run: –
Distance 5.6 miles, time 1 hour, average pace 10.42

Split times
1st 10.44
2nd 9.43
3rd 10.13
4th 11.50
5th 10.52

Parkrun site
Barnsley Harriers

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