Running Saturday 02 Dec 17

It was the Harriers cross country today, and they picked a good day for it.

I have got to say it was a tough route, or should I say it was tough for me the guys that lapped me did not seem to have any problems.

They said it was 3 times round for the men and twice for the women, it seemed to take forever to do the first circuit.

They said there would be hills some of them were more like mountains, one of the slopes had ropes to help you to get up.

At the mud hole there was a couple of guys waiting to take pictures of people getting stuck.

Fortunately I managed to get over it without any problems, on the third lap because I was on my own a couple guys came back to run in with me.

When we got to the mud hole they pointed out a firm piece of ground near the front which was a step and a little jump to clear the mud.

It was a great experience and I will be doing it again, I just hope I will not be last next time.

Strava details: –
Distance 5.1 time taken 1.10.26 average pace 12.48

Split times
1st 13.28
2nd 13.38
3rd 13.47
4th 14.52
5th 13.36

Parkrun site
Barnsley Harriers

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