Running Saturday 11 Nov 17

I did the Parkrun today, I did not want to overdo it so I took it nice and steady.

I just wanted to make sure I ran the whole distance, I was quite surprised when I looked at Strava and saw I was not too far from my normal time.

The run itself was good and I did not feel as bad on the hills as I thought I would, when I set off I thought I might have to walk up the hills on at least one of the laps.

This probably would have been the last lap, but I got up the hills better than expected in fact better than the last time I ran.

Strava details
Distance 3.1 miles, time 33.49 average pace 10.46
Split times
1st 11.03
2nd 11.12
3rd 10.36

Official time 33.54

Parkrun site
Barnsley Harriers

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