Running Saturday 18 Nov 17

I did the Rother Valley Parkrun with June this morning.

It was a bright sunny day with a cold breeze, you only really felt the breeze when you were stood waiting to go.

Once you got going everything was fine, there was a long section of the route that was sheltered from the breeze.

And it got felt quite warm round this area, you could feel the heat off the sun.

The run itself was done at a nice steady pace, we gradually picked up the pace as we went on.

When I ran here the last time I was finding it difficult to pace myself, I wanted to keep up with the other runners from the Harriers but did not want to burn myself out.

I felt more comfortable this time because I knew the route.

Strava Details: –
Distance 3.1 miles, time 34.47 average pace 22.02

Split times
1st 11.31
2nd 11.05
3rd 10.52

Official time 34.51

Parkrun site
Barnsley Harriers

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