Running Saturday 25 Nov 17

Today is the coldest day that I have been running, and I was under dressed for the conditions, last week I had my running jacket on and did not need it.

Today I did not take it and needed it, I think it is going to be left in the car then if I need it I have it.

I thought once I got going I would not feel the cold, how wrong can you be.

Because of the icy conditions I decided there was going to be no heroics, just a nice steady pace but I was surprised how out of breath I felt.

I wasn’t even trying, I wonder if it has something to do with the weather, or maybe because of the run I had Thursday.

Anyway despite the frost and the ice cold breeze I think I put in a reasonable time.

Strava details: –
Distance 3.1 time taken 35 minutes average pace 11.10

Split times
1st 11.24
2nd 11.09
3rd 11.09

The official time 34.51

Parkrun site
Barnsley Harriers

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