Running Thursday 23 Nov 17

As I did not go to the club hill training session, I decided to do some hill training on my own this morning.

The weather was better, but there was an ice cold breeze and it really hit you when you got into open space.

The run went well considering I wanted to give up after running up the hill, not immediately it was around the 2.5 mile mark.

But I managed to keep it going and ran for over 3 miles, I am sure I will feel the benefit of staying on instead of giving up.

I expect the first mile to be the fastest as it was all downhill, as soon as I hit the uphill section I told myself to slow it down and take it steady.

The hill is not the longest of hills, but it is very steep and when driving up it I have to get down to 2nd gear at the steepest part.

I was pleased to see that I had picked the pace up for the 3rd mile, I kept telling myself to but I did not feel as if I had done.

Stava details: –
Distance 3.6 miles, time 41:29 average pace 11.25

Split times
1st 10.27
2nd 12.29
3rd 11.30

Parkrun site
Barnsley Harriers

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