Running Wednesday 06 Dec 17

Winter training this week took the form of hill runs, the target was seven to ten hill climbs.

The hills were not particularly steep but they were quite long, after the first one I set a target of doing five.

At that point that’s all I felt like I could do, and I thought I might have to push myself to get them.

I managed to do seven which I am very pleased with, my calf muscles started feeling tight again on the run back to the club.

I hope this does not mean they are going to get as bad as they were at the weekend.

Strava details: –
Distance 4.2 miles, time taken 48.42, average pace 11.30

Split times
1st 10.59
2nd 11.07
3rd 12.00
4th 11.44

I am pleased with these times, especially after my performance if the cross country last weekend.

Parkrun site
Barnsley Harriers

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