Running Wednesday 08 Nov 17

Running Shoes

Christened Running Shoes

This morning’s run was through the woods, I thought it was time I got the off road shoes that I bought 3 weeks ago christened.

The weather had a wintery feel to it this morning and I thought there would be a lot of frost about, but it was just in patches and there was a lot of puddles to navigate.

The mud you can run straight through, but when you hit a puddle it gets through your shoes and feels a bit uncomfortable till your feet warm up again.

I started the run doing 5 – 5 like I did on Monday, but I felt that the 5 minutes walking was a bit too long so I changed it to 3 – 5, which I found better.

I did feel it in my legs for a little while, but towards the end of my run they started to feel better.

I don’t know if I should take part in the Parkrun yet, maybe I should do another walk and run on Saturday and leave the Parkrun for another week.

Distance 4.7 miles, time 59 minutes average pace 12.28

Split times
1st 13.41
2nd 12.18
3rd 11.48
4th 11.55

Parkrun site
Barnsley Harriers

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