Running Wednesday 15 Nov 17

Another walk and run with June, we started and finished the run at Junes house.

The route we took was one I had done at the running club, I picked it because it is fairly flat route.

We did the reverse of what we did on Monday, we walked for 3 minutes and ran for 5.

I took my jacket with me today thinking it was going to be as cold as it was on Monday, but it felt a lot warmer which made it more pleasant on the walking parts.

Strava let me down a bit this morning it paused as I would expect it to do, but did not start recording till we started our first running section.

The Strava details: –
Distance 3.3, time 45.18, average pace 13.36

Split times
1st 12.55
2nd 13.47
3rd 14.14

Parkrun site
Barnsley Harriers

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