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Today should have been a 3 mile run at the pace I intend to run the race, when I got up I saw that it had been raining and there was a big black cloud hanging about, so I decided to go to the gym and do fartlek training (believe me I don’t need any training in the first 4 letters of that word).

So what is fartlek training it is a Swedish term meaning speed play, it is a system to help you to increase your speed and endurance, this is done by varying the speed you run at, and as I did it on a treadmill slope was added to make it a bit harder.

It starts with a 5 minute warm up at a nice easy pace, with a 7% slope, you can do this walking or jogging, then you have to run at 6mph, you take the slope down to 1%, Then you slow the pace to 5 mph for 3 minutes, next speed up to 6.8 miles an hour for 30 seconds, you repeat the last 2 steps till the timer reaches 25 minutes.

You then run another mile at 6 mph, lastly you cool down with a steady jog at 3.5mph with a slope of 5% to 7%, how are you supposed to cool down running up a hill, I did the 5 minutes but took the slope and walked for a few minutes to cool.

If I had read the instructions for this before going to the gym, I would have realised that mph was not good to me because the treadmill is in kph, it looks like I am going to have to do some conversions before I try this again.

I think the combination of last night’s strength train worked, for the first time since starting to run my legs really ached, it’s just as well tomorrow is a rest day, this should give my legs time to recover.

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