The Race

The weather was just right for the race broken cloud with a nice breeze.

The race was held up for a while, and with the sun shining and being crammed together with the other runners I felt very hot and thirsty by the time we got going.

For the first couple of miles I was thinking this is great, if it’s like this all the way round I should be able to keep this pace up easy.

I wanted to run the race at a pace of 10 minutes 50 seconds per mile and I was pleased to hear Strava give out my times close to that pace for the first 3 miles.

If anyone is wondering what Strava is, it’s an app on my phone I was using Map My Run at first but found Strava to be more accurate.

I kept thinking on the way round I am glad the run into the finish is flat, it wasn’t till I was on the run in that I realised that it was a slope, that’s why it was so easy on the way out.

I always thought of the London area as being fairly flat, and was surprised at the number of hilly sections around Richmond park.

The first of the hills came around the 4th mile and after that there was not many flat parts, the downhill stretches did not seem to be as long as the climb up the hill.

I did feel pleased with myself on the hills because there were people younger than me walking up them.

The first and last half mile was flat, but by the time I got to it on the run in my legs were just about ready to give way under me.

I tried to get as much water as I could on route but I found it hard drinking from a cup while running and nearly chocked the first time I tried.

You can tell from my split times which were the uphill sections.

Strava distance was 10.1 and time 1.54.23
1st 11.05
2nd 10.11
3rd 10.56
4th 11.39
5th 11.31
6th 10.35
7th 11.48
8th 11.09
9th 11.41
10th 13.13

The official time was 1.55.24, I finished 2867 out the 3229 that finished the race.

I am pleased with my results my initial goal was to run the full distance which I did, it would have been nice to have done it in 105 minute, I was only 10 minutes out maybe next time.



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